Saturday, December 04, 2004

Martin Hampton - TN, Laban Hampton - VA

Please be patient with me as I'm new to blogging. I'm trying to find information on Martin Hampton, (b. abt 1800 ?, TN) who was my gggg-grandfather on my maternal grandfathers' side. I cannot find anything on this man except the 1840 Ralls County, MO census. And even then, I can't be for sure it is the right man since the names of the complete households were given. But stories I've been told, the family was there around that time frame.

His spouse (haven't found marriage date or bond, so not sure if legally married), my gggg-grandmothers' name was Mary, (b. abt 1813 KY) and again, been "told" her maiden name was NUNN. Their children that I'm aware of were Elizabeth Hampton b. abt 1834 MO (who married Mareen Bonifield/Bonnifield b. unknown date, KY); Sarah Hampton b. abt 1845 ILL (who married Allen Ricker, b. unknown, IN); and Alice Hampton b. abt 1851 ILL (who married Green Smith b. abt 1843 ILL, and later moved to Macon Co, MO.

Martin, his wife Mary, and children moved to Pike Co, Illinois sometime after 1843, where Martin died in February 1854. Shortly afterwards, marriage records can be found on a Mrs. Mary Hampton and Gardner Wesley Mayes in May 1854 in Pike Co, ILL. In the 1860 Barry Twp, Pike Co, ILL census, it shows Gardner, Mary, Malissa, Sarah, Oliver, Alice, William, and Eliza in the household, but if you check, the name "Mayes" is spelled two different ways for some reason. But all of the children except the two younger were a Hampton.

All of the information on Martin Hampton has been "hear-say", as I can't find him anywhere. I'm not even sure if Martin is his first name, middle, or nickname. Also, I've been told his father was Labon (Laban,Laben) Hampton b. abt 1770 Henry Co Va who married Leanah "Leany" Stephens, also b. Henry Co Va.

I don't have means of traveling to these locations to check records - as I would dearly love to. So I rely on internet to help me out with names, dates, and locations, and so far - it's been one huge brick wall. So believe me, any help or assistance will be greatly appreciated! I hope someone out there might recognize some of these given or surnames and be able to help. Or maybe even correct information I've been told. I would dearly thank you.


Friday, October 01, 2004

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